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The best jobs in Finance & Banking

Author: Laura Reisdorf

It makes no difference whether you are looking for a position as a permanent employee or as a freelancer, or are just starting out on the career ladder – our Finance & Banking team has excellent connections, is committed to working discreetly for you and is often aware of job advertisements even before they appear on online job exchanges. We are experts, who listen closely, and do everything we can to secure you the best jobs for you in Finance & Banking.

What you should do now

Just give us a call or email your CV to We read carefully, and are even better at listening. After an initial meeting we get to work on your behalf, present you with suitable job offers and advise you throughout the entire interview process.


What we can do for you

  • We find the right strategy for the project or job you are looking for
  • We are proactive and present you to the most interesting companies (with your agreement)
  • We prepare you in a professional manner and increase your chances
  • We are pleased to accompany you to interviews
  • Feedback meetings with you enable us to optimize the application process.
You would like us to search on your behalf?

Would you like us to conduct a search on your behalf? If so, just send your CV, with contact information and preferences, to When we have received it you will be sent a confirmation, and we will contact you immediately in line with your preferences.

Information for freelancers

Christian Schmitt, our expert for freelancers in Finance & Banking / IT, knows how to bring freelancers and the most interesting employers together. He would never pass on your data and profile without first discussing it with you by telephone. Because at element transparency and fairness come first. This includes us revealing our margins. You can rest assured that we always act in your best interests. And even after the successful completion of an assignment we provide you with support in the form of personal services, ranging from booking hotels and flights to helping you look for somewhere to live.

Finance & Banking: Current trends

Daily rates and salaries are still not at pre-crisis levels. What we are noticing at the moment is that banks which lost out in the financial crisis can now be of great interest as employers. Their remuneration is often above-average, there are more open executive positions, the work and career prospects tend to be more interesting, and candidates with less professional experience also have a chance.

Current job offers

There are currently no vacancies.

Your contact persons

Laura Reisdorf
Finance & Banking / Permanent positions

+49 (0) 69 15 39 254 – 20

Christian Schmitt

Christian Schmitt
Finance & Banking / Freelancers

+49 (0) 69 15 39 254 – 40

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